Application Process

Children applying for Preschool need to be 2 years old on or before October 1 of the enrollment year.  If enrolling into our Kindergarten program, children need to be 5 years old on or before October 1st.

We ask that you do complete the entire application.

Schooling is a family decision. If for some reason one spouse or guardian cannot attend, please let us know.


No. You pay one registration amount. The annual family registration fee is non-refundable. Families with more than one child at the school pay the registration rate of the oldest child only. Details are in the financial section of the handbook.

No. The IRS does not recognize tuition as tax-deductible. Donations to Southeast; however, where no services or products are received in exchange for the donation, are tax-deductible.

Families can either pay their tuition in one payment directly to Southeast, or they can pay monthly using the FACTS Tuition Management program. Please note, we do not process payments via credit card.

Yes. We send enrolled families to FACTS’ Grant & Aid scholarship application site. For questions about our scholarship program and instructions on how to apply, please contact the school’s accounting office.

Day-to-Day at Southeast

The school day for TK–8th is 8:20 AM – 3:20 PM with morning Kindergarten releasing at 11:35 AM. There are special afternoon and evening times for seasonal sports and music programs. Preschool hours are 8:30 – 11:30 AM and 12:30 – 3:30 PM with an optional Lunch Bunch program from 11:30 AM – 1 PM.

We follow a conventional calendar, with typical summer, fall, spring and Christmas breaks. The school year usually begins in mid-August and ends in late May. State law requires non-public schools to be in session for at least 172 days for grades TK-8, Southeast is in session for 174 days.

Please contact our Admissions Department if you are interested in observing in one of our classrooms.

Please read the attendance section of the TK-8 handbook for complete details. All TK-8 parents are under mandatory attendance law for the State of Colorado and students must attend the required number of school days. An allowance is made for sick time missed, but vacations are not considered excused absences, and unexcused absences are limited. Preschool parents can find attendance policies and procedures in the Preschool handbook.


We think Bible class occurs at recess and lunch and in the hallways, not only with a teacher and a textbook. While we have Bible lessons, memory verses and weekly chapel services, our hope is that learning the Bible will take place each and everyday.

No. Our families attend a variety of churches apart from Southeast. We ask that TK-8 families agree to our statement of faith in the TK-8 handbook.

No, there are no member discounts.

According to the late C. S. Lewis, the word “Christian” has lost much of its meaning. We are believers and followers of Jesus, the Messiah, and we teach that through Jesus alone people are saved. We teach the Bible as God’s Word, and are unashamedly creationist. For complete details, see our TK-8 handbook.


Our founder, Mr. A, used to say, “You don’t teach curriculum, you teach kids.” Curriculum is what is taught. Texts and materials are what you buy. We use Christian text books such as ACSI and Bob Jones for many of our subjects, including Bible, history, science, reading, and spelling. However, we are committed to using the best resources possible that support our instructional goals– whether published by a Christian company or a secular one. For example, our math curriculum, Saxon Math, promotes a more traditional approach to mathematics instruction. The result is that most of our middle school students are often placed in an advanced math track in high school. Click here to learn more about our curriculum and instruction focus.

For our elementary school students, we teach the core subjects: reading, math, science, social studies and writing. For our middle school students, we teach Bible, science, history, language arts, and mathematics. Middle school students learn from specialized teachers in each teachers’ classroom.

We have Music/Drama, Art, Physical Education, Library, and Technology for both Elementary and Middle School students to round out the traditional subjects. Spanish is added to the curriculum in 7th and 8th grades as an elective.

In preschool, the ratio is 1 staff member for 8-10 children. Our classrooms typically run from 18–24 students for K-8.

Each degreed staff member meets or exceeds the Department of Human Services’ standards. Each staff member must have a thorough understanding of Early Childhood Education and have a personal relationship with Christ. See our Staff Bios on the Team tab above.

All K-8 Southeast teachers are degreed. Several of our staff also hold advanced degrees. Our staff is required to maintain their ACSI certification for accreditation purposes, and we prefer our staff to hold a Colorado license. See our Staff Bios on the Team tab above.

Southeast K-8 students take the STAR assessment three times per year.  The STAR is a norm-referenced test, which is a recognized standardized test for ACSI schools and many private schools nationally. Southeast students usually perform in the top 30% of students nationally. Middle school students take the ACT Aspire. We have high academic standards, and yet we don’t focus on academic achievement as the lone indicator of growth. Detailed testing data is available from the school office.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year.

Practice makes perfect. We believe that students need independent practice at school and home in their studies. Rough guidelines: students should do about 15 minutes per grade (Example, 3rd grade = 45 minutes) per night, up to an hour. Study halls are provided as an elective in middle school. Our academics are rigorous, so homework length varies depending on the student. Complete details are provided in the homework section of the TK-8 handbook.


We have an open door policy where parents are always welcome in the classroom.

Southeast does have a dress code policy for our TK-8 students. We do not require our students to buy from any particular uniform company. See the TK-8 Handbook for the current dress code policy.

Yes, Southeast offers both before and after school programming; information can be found here.

One of Southeast’s highest priorities is to foster a safe environment in which students can grow and thrive. Jesus had a very simple behavior policy: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt 22:39) Southeast Christian School seeks to avoid an atmosphere where children believe that performance leads to acceptance by God (Romans 5:8). We seek to teach respect for all people, responsibility for one’s own actions, and integrity in all situations. This is accomplished by helping students develop habits of positive behavior in an atmosphere of grace and truth. Students may experience the natural consequences of poor choices. At the same time, teachers support and encourage students to learn from their mistakes. Additionally, Southeast uses one of the most widely recognized and effective social skills curriculum available. The “2nd Step” program provides students with problem-solving skills that help them monitor their own behavior and manage their relationships in a positive and mature way. This proactive program has been proven to be a powerful antidote in reducing bullying behavior.

With the growing number of food allergies, please ensure your children do not bring lunches or snacks containing peanuts, peanut butter or nuts of any kind. We cannot guarantee the school is a peanut, peanut butter or nut-free environment. You can find more information about our snack/lunch policy in the Preschool Handbook.