Yearbook is a semester-based elective offered to Middle Schoolers. This team documents major happenings at the school. Students master photojournalism, copy editing, interviewing, graphic design and storytelling concepts as part of this program.

2021-22 Yearbook Team

Some Yearbook Team Members are selected as contributors for the Student Life Blog.

Student Yearbook Testimony

Yearbook is an elective which helps grow in skills like photography, interviewing, storytelling and more. I think that yearbook class is important because if someone wants to continue helping with the yearbook in high school it is easy to go into that class knowing some things about it. It can also help with certain aspects of a future career like being a professional photographer and a journalist.

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Yearbook class is also great for learning more about computers. We’ve learned editing with certain computer softwares and shortcuts on computers. We use chromebooks for creating/editing pages and digital cameras for taking pictures. The website we use, Jostens Yearbook Avenue, makes the whole thing a lot easier.

If  computers aren’t your thing, and someone doesn’t think they’d find yearbook interesting, there are always other things for you to do. Yearbook class is made so anyone can do it. Activities like interviewing students or staff, designing a page, helping a friend brainstorm and photography are always available.

Yearbook class in all is one of the best electives, in my opinion. It combines tech class, journalism, photography, and public speaking all in one to create a very educational class. That’s why I think you should join yearbook class at Southeast Christian School.

-Tate V. (6)