Out of my entire week, I have to say that going to chapel is always the highlight. Every Thursday, our school has chapel built into our schedule. We either have a K-5 chapel then a Middle School Chapel, or we have an all-school chapel.  When we celebrate a holiday like Veterans Day, Grandparents Day or Christmas we meet as a school to celebrate and hear from a special speaker. 

Chapel is usually led by Mrs.Moye, our School Chaplain. Mrs.Moye leads chapel but she also helps teachers grow in their faith and helps them integrate faith into the classroom.  At the beginning of chapel we walk into the gym or the Worship Center at Southeast Christian Church. I get to see all the school’s students connecting and socializing, it’s a great time to get to know each other deeper. Right when chapel starts we worship as a school, then we listen to a sermon on how we can be better people and shine God’s light. 

The reason I like chapel so much is because it feels like home. What I mean by that is I feel like I am part of this one big family at my school. It’s amazing to see everyone worshiping, learning and growing together. II love how uplifting the messages are and always have a good day following the service. 

Chapel is also a good way to become closer to God. I feel like I have become closer to Him already, and I am a new student at this school. I didn’t get to do anything like this at my last school. I think it is a good thing we have chapel because of what is going on in the world around us today. I think chapel helps our student body look at God, above anything else, in tough times. 

Regan N.

8th Grade