Middle School can be hard, it’s important to walk through it with close friends and a supportive community.

Girls’ Discipleship is one of the best things at Southeast Christian School for girls in 6th – 8th grade. I’ve been in Girls’ Discipleship from the beginning of 6th grade all the way through 8th. Girls’ Discipleship is led by Mrs. Kozacek. She is a great role model for us middle school girls. The group meets during study hall at the end of the day. Each group has two days a week that they meet.

We grow closer to God in so many ways. Most times, we talk about our feelings and what went on that day. It is a completely safe environment to talk about anything. There are other days that we call Free Days. On these days, we just sit and talk about things that are going on in our lives and if one of us is going through something, we are there for and pray for them.

Occasionally, we do service days. The most recent service day that we did was writing letters of condolences to a family that had lost someone close to them. Some service days don’t require just sitting down. In May of 2021 we helped teachers clear out their classrooms and organize things around the school as they got ready to redo the classrooms.

Getting to learn more about God and what He does for us is amazing, and if you are thinking of going to Southeast Christian School or are already in Southeast Christian School, you should definitely join.

Bella H. (8)