What is stop motion you may ask? Stop motion is a very fun experience. It’s an elective class you move something  1 step at a time and take a picture each step and then it will make a movie. You can work with a partner and make stop motion films. Some of the stop motion films can include materials such as legos, playdoh, paper, or you can sometimes use your chromebook. Stop Motion is an elective where kids sixth through eighth grade can join in the fun that is stop motion.

Mrs Kozeck is the teacher of the stopmotion team. She makes sure that everybody is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and she offers a lot of support. She is a very kind teacher and one of the many encouraging faces in the classroom.

In stop motion class I can make up my own story. It can be about stories in the bible or simply anything in my imagination. Most students will choose a Bible story, and recreate it in stop motion. One of the things my team did was recreate the story of Noah in the Bible parting the red sea. This isn’t the only Bible story to choose, there is a wide selection of books in the Bible you can make your stop motion about.

I really like stop motion, and will definitely be doing the elective again. I had a lot of fun working with my friends and being creative. We found out more about each other and concluded that we were a great help to each other. In stop motion, teamwork makes the dream work or in this case makes the stop motion work.

Alex P. (7)