8th grade at Southeast Christian has been one of the most fun learning and growing experiences of my life! As a new student to the school, I was nervous but there were many opportunities to get involved. Being involved in a club or fun elective helped me meet people with similar interests and become lifelong friends. Before the year started, I was looking forward to choosing electives. 

Elective options vary from PE, to musical/choir, Entrepreneurship classes, and so many more! Students get to learn something new or maybe progress in something they were already doing and enjoyed. In your chosen electives, 6-8th graders are mixed together so there are also many opportunities to get to know people you may not see in your regular classes. 

As a new student, it was hard to find a routine at first. I’ve been able to meet some great friends that have helped me establish a good routine. 

My day starts off in the homeroom where I can hangout and socialize. This was one of the best ways I got to know people as a new student. After homeroom is over, I go straight into Bible class. I constantly learn new verses and ways to grow in my relationship with God! After Bible class, elective classes start; this is when students get creative and explore new interests.. By the time morning core classes are over, and we’ve all been to lunch, we  get a recess! This has been another fun time for me to get to know my classmates. Students enjoy sports like soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, nine square, and four square at recess!

We finish up the day with afternoon core classes. By the end of the day, we’ve been able to participate in a daily study hall for the last 45 minutes of school. It has been so helpful to use this time to talk to teachers about different assignments or make up some work that I was absent for. Study hall is with my homeroom teacher and classmates, but there is an option to sign up for clubs during this study hall period if all the work you had assigned has been completed. There is fashion design, team sports, girls discipleship, robot building, art, and many more club offerings. Again, this time is perfect for students wanting to dive into new subjects or meet other students with similar interests. Southeast Christian is a great school with a welcoming community that will prepare you well for high school, I’ve felt so welcome as a new student and can’t wait to welcome in more new students in the future.

Laura H. (8)